Must Questions/answers about ixconverter.

Is this service free?

Yes, ixconverter.net is absolutly free. But if you like our service it would help to make a little donation to keep it up and running.
Also Bear in mind that We are not responsible on the content of your video that you are converting .

How long does it take to convert a video?

That depends on video size, a normal video of about 4 minutes length takes about 2 minutes to convert.

Why do i get a 'Grabbing failed' error?

We are working on this error. This error comes up when the video currently is not available, so just try again. If that doesnt help, it could be that the video is not available in every country, so we are not able to convert it.

What's 'Server is busy converting another video. You can wait few seconds and try again' error message?

Sometimes, you'll get that message on your browser when trying to access or download from ixconverter. To maintain server stability, I had to limit number of connections you made to ours servers. It is indirect message sent by server telling you to finish your download before trying to get another videos. Sorry for this hassle, it's for our own good.

I was throwed back to fontpage(index.php) after 'checking'/'grabbing' process without any error message!!

This happened when the server is in very high load, just keep trying until it got through conversion process.

Got error message "Invalid parameters"!

It means the server did not recoqnize your video URL, probably it's mis-formatted.

Your Question isn't here !

Feel free to send us your Question to: ixluffy at gmail dot com.

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